located 42 kilometers far away from Antalya. This city has very beautiful landscape near the Taurus Mountains, the tops of which are covered with white snow. Due to dense vegetation, the unique microclimate of the mountains and the sea, even the July it is not high temperature.

There is not so much informationo about the history of the city.

There are legends about the origin of the city. The ancient Greek writer Homer in his work "The Iliad" tells that in the city of Kemer lived Chimera - an animal with the body of a goat, a lion's head and a dragon's tail, spewing flame from its mouth. The chimera was defeated, but its tongue is still spewing flames from the ground, clearly visible at night on top of the small mountain Yanartaş (which means "volcano"). In honor of Chimera was given the name of the city of Kemer.

Information from other sources tells another origin of the name of the city. In ancient times, on the place of the modern city of Kemer was the city of Idiros. Powerful mudslides, descending from the mountains and destroyed the city. After that, the locals built a stone wall 23 km long at the foot of the mountains to protect them from the elements. The village was given a new name - Kemer, which means "belt".

Near the town of Kemer are the ruins of the ancient Olympus. The founding of the city by the 3rd century BC He served as a haven for pirates. A few centuries later, an earthquake destroyed the city, but the ruins of the baths and the basilica are still exsist, and there are also many tombstones and sarcophagi left.


Kemer is famous for its pebble beaches, due to this the water in the sea is clean and clear. The city is a favorite place of young people, because there the most various disco. Modern night clubs, bars, shows and entertainment centers - this is the main features of the holidays in Kemer. Kemer also has a large dock for 180 yachts.

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