is considered the most beautiful and well-kept region of southern Turkey. Its ancient buildings with tiled roofs tell of the rich history of the city, beautiful minarets, narrow streets, picturesque harbors, a heritage of ancient civilizations and oriental architecture harmoniously blend together.

This city has a rich history. As the legend goes, 2000 years ago, King Pergamum Attal II ordered his best riders to find a heavenly place for him where he could live. After a long search, the riders found him a place - a paradise. Soon, the magnificent city of Attaleya, was built. The name of the city changed from Stelai to Adalya and today it is Antalya. Today, the city is called the “Turkish Riviera”, due to its archaeological values ​​and natural resources, but in ancient times it was the center of everything mystical. The rise of the city began in the days of the Roman and Byzantine empires. Christianity became in the 2nd century. The population of Antalya was increased in the 19th century due to the immigration of Turks from the Caucasus and the Balkans.

Antalya can hardly be called a resort city in the classical sense. This is the fifth largest city in Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. Therefore, many tourists prefer to relax in the resort area of ​​Antalya, outside of it. The resort area consists of several areas. To the province of Antalya also include the main resorts of the Antalya coast: Kemer, Belek, Side and Alanya.

The beaches in the city of two species are pebbly and sandy. The most popular are Lara, Konyalti, Topcham, Beach Park and Adalar. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the city has a rich entertainment industry: water parks, entertainment centers, restaurants and clubs.

The center of Antalya is Kaleici, the “Old Antalya” started from here, surrounded by fortress walls. This is a tourist area, which in translation sounds like "inside the fortress." Authorities restored historic buildings, ranging from buildings of the Roman period and ending with cozy Turkish houses..

In the center of Antalya, there is an unusual construction Minaret Yivli - this is a minaret without a mosque. It was built by the Seljuks in the 13th century on the occasion of the victory of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. It is also called the “folded minaret”. It has a very unusual architecture - it is decorated with beautiful tiles of dark blue and turquoise. From the observation deck, which is located at an altitude of more than 30 meters above sea level, the city is clearly visible. Because of the unusual architecture, the minaret is called Yivli, which means “fluted”. The most ancient building of Antalya is the marble gate of Hadrian, they were built in 130 BC. e. in honor of the stay in Antalya of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

According to the Minaret Kesik (Cut) it is interesting to study the history of the southern coast of Turkey. Originally this place was a pagan temple. With the change of power prevailing on these lands, the status of the building also changed - from the Christian church to the mosque and back. After a strong fire in 1896, the mosque was destroyed, and the tip of the minaret was badly damaged. The minaret has not yet been fully restored, and its broken top has already managed to become a symbol of Antalya.

In Antalya, a lot of modern hotels, colorful bazaars, small shops and shopping centers. At winter time, in the city is also not boring. From December to April in Antalya opens ski resort "Saklykent". It is located on a mountain, 2250 m above sea level.

Lovers of history and architecture will also be interested to see the ancient city with the ruins of the Agora and the theater - Termessos. He received the "title" of the most magnificent cemetery on the entire Mediterranean coast and is located 35 km from Antalya.

From Antalya, our tour operator Pacho Tour organizes many different excursions to historical sights such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale; to the holy places of Demre-Myra-Kekova, Ephesus; in the Blue Lagoon Oludeniz. For those who like to rest more actively there are extreme excursions also.