The city was founded on a small peninsula near the Taurus Mountains and was a famous base of pirate ships.

It is still unknown who and when founded the modern city of Alanya. According to historical data, the city was founded approximately in the 4th century BC. The most ancient of the known names of the city sounded like Korakesium, translated as “beautiful mountain”. During the reign of the Seljuk Sultan Ala-ad-din Kay-Kubad I (1200-1237), the city had the name Alaya. When Atatürk came, he renamed it Alanya. Research have shown that the first settlements were around 17000-20000 years ago.

Alanya has a rich history from the early and Byzantine period to the times of the Ottoman Empire. Alanya blossom during the Seljuks.

The symbol of the city is a huge fortress, which was erected by the Seljuks on top of a cliff and the Red Tower "Kızıl Kule", which turned into an open-air museum.

A special one is  Damlatas cave with stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes is of particular interest. A visit to the cave is useful for asthma patients, since the air in the cave contains 10 to 12 times more carbon dioxide than normal air. The air temperature in the cave is + 23˚C, humidity - 95%.

The beaches of Alanya are considered one the best in all of Turkey, among them Cleopatra's beach, where, according to legend, the Egyptian queen bathed. The beaches here are sandy and sandy-pebbly. The infrastructure of the city is very well developed, there are many modern hotels of different categories, many restaurants and bars, souvenir shops, and of course, nightlife is rich in bars and nightclubs. Alanya also has a water park.

For lovers of outdoor activities, from Alanya there are many tours.

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