For many people “holidays in Turkey” means beach holidays in Alanya. Every year millions of tourists are coming to Alanya, they want to get tanned, visit famous Cleopatra beach and have fun in local nightclubs.

Alanya in mid-twentieth was a modest fishing village. Nowadays it has grown and gained the title of the most prominent Turkish resort. If you want to feel the charm of Alanya and see something more then sunbed at the beach, you should go for one of tours in Alanya.


History of Alanya probably starts around second millennium BC, it appears for the first time on the pages of history in 4th century BC. For many centuries city was ruled by various Imperiums.
Most of monuments which survived till today are from Seljuk times. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad after conquering the city, made it his winter capitol.
During his reign the fortress on the hill was expanded and a symbol of the city - the Red Tower was constructed. Also he ordered the first Seljuk shipyard at Mediterranean coast and a city become an important sea harbour.
In XV century city was incorporated to Ottoman Empire and still main income of the city was trade. After few centuries it losts its urban status and were harassed by bandits from Taurus Mountains.

A breakthrough for the city happened in 1948, when entrance to Damlatas Cave was discovered. Health benefits of the atmosphere prevailing in the cave was attracting tourists from all over the Turkey and then from abroad.


Sightseeing of Alanya everybody should start from Damlatas Cave and then continue with fortress on the hill. Now there is a cable car which will bring you from Damlatas beach almost to the top, to the surroundings of lower castle. On the easter side of the hill, near to the harbour, there is a symbol of the city Red Tower, near to it are Seljuk shipyard and arsenal.
To see all important monuments in Alanya you can go for Alanya City Tour, if you want to do this trip in a half of a day (afternoon) there is trip Mini Alanya by Jeep.


Excursions in Alanya are various, from sightseeing center of the Alanya, through trip to beautiful Sapadere Canyon, to visits in nearby cities like Manavgat, ancient Side and Aspendos. The most popular are tours to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus and Dalyan. Everybody can find something for themselfes. We have Boat Cruises, Rafting, Jeep Safari, Quad Safari etc.


Tours in Turkey are the best in Alanya!